CEO Message
  • By the Grace of Allah when I look back and evaluate the growth over the years since our inceptions in year 2000. I am deep heartedly thankful to Allah subhanhu tala to feel me proud what we have achieved in our past twelve years. There is a chain of achievements in terms of technology updates, product developments, and customer satisfactions, which turns out INZ technological Services to a multinational business. We have successfully transitioned from a local Karachi start-up to become a respected firm in textile CAM and Business solutions across the nation, and emerging our client's trust along the way in international Market. It is satisfying to know that we are able to help our clients build the strategic plan that enable them to connect and operate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently and economically. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance, and we hold ourselves, as do our clients, to the highest standards of quality. In this continually evolving marketplace, our clients are more informed than ever about their solutions provider. Even so, they continue to select INZ Technological Services as their Business partner of choice because of our experience, commitment to quality and integrity.

    Syed Tariq Masood Zaidi - CEO
  • Among our most important assets is the extensive knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism and unwavering commitment of our highly-qualified, diverse staff. The INZ Technological services staff is at the core of who we are and what we do. From our Engagement Executives to our Business Management Experts, and Hardware and Software Teams to our Senior Management, the INZ Team is committed to delivering the highest quality product and providing unmatched service to our customers.

    Syed Tariq Masood Zaidi - CEO
  • As we continue to grow, each new day offers a chance for us to work together, pursue new opportunities and improve upon the past. We establish in-depth relationships with our clients by learning their environments, challenges and goals firsthand, so that we can offer tangible solutions with a candid perspective. We continue to manage our business around the evolving needs of our clients, so that we can be at the forefront of change and deliver value—because value is what their shareholders and constituents demand. We treat our Clients as our business partners means if they make money with the help of our textile CAM and business solutions through plugging them into technology than we will be able to make money. so this is the honest standpoint that the mutual growth of both business partners makes a long business relationship.

    Syed Tariq Masood Zaidi - CEO

Complete Textile Solution

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Software solution that addresses all the needs of an Industry with the process view of an organization to meet the organizational goals and integrate all the core functions of the Textile Industry.

  • Facilitates Company-wide integrated Information Systems Covering all functional Areas.
  • Performs core corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting Corporate Image.
  • Organizes & optimizes the data input methodologies systematically.

ERP Involves

  • Business & Operational Analysis, including Gap Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Project Team Training
  • Business Requirements Mapping to Software
  • Module Configuration
  • System Modification and Interfaces
  • Data Conversion
  • Custom Documentation

INZ ERP Textile Suite Develop specific business methods and processes to accept the manufacturing challenges globally. Our ERP System reduces the manufacturing cost and time systematically and has flexibility to respond to changing business requirements. You can get accurate timely information for right decision making.

 Subsystems of ERP Textile Suite

  • Finance
  • HR/Payroll
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchase
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Store/Inventory
  • Logistics

There are many modules in ERP software solution. Each ERP software module corresponds to a major functional area of an organization. Our Supply Chain Management Module is configured to accept the manufacturing challenges of Textile Industry which integrate our system from other ERP providers.